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, dad. music is big business. there are all kinds of jobs. sure, turning pages for some dumb piano player. come on. you know my dream is to be a songwriter. you and a million others. i think i have some talent. why don't you study nursing or something? it's not me. it's not what i want. i want to study music. well, if you ask me, i think you're making a big mistake. not if it's what i want to do. receptionist: mr. casey? you're a stubborn woman. you bet! i take after my father. look left... right... up... down. what happened to your leg, mr. casey? oh, a wall fell on it. a wall? yeah, when i was a fireman, i was in a hotel fire... ( fire engine siren wailing ) i've been on disability pay ever since the accident. let's have a little talk here, mr. casey. we have found several potential problems. your cholesterol is very high, the ekg tells us there is a slight heart problem, and the circulation in your leg is, uh... how should i put it... getting worse. if we don't do something right away, your current situation could lead to a stroke or heart attack. we strongly recommend that you
] >>> a nice, easy day tubing down the river turns upside down. find out what happens. >>> plus, a dad takes action to make his son's favorite shoes from the muppet movie. good dad. from the muppet movie. good dad. >> see them in action on "rig (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so delicious...so fun. [ female announcer ] go from zero to pizza in just 60 seconds with totino's pizza rolls and grab a bite of snack-defying, satisfying... because pizza...never...misses. it's on. let's roll. >>> wild, wild west music because we're going to wild, wild -- >> frontier out there. >> we have night vision video captured by a wildlife guard here. you see a pack of wolves. and they look like they're on
a whole different flavor when it ends up on your side of the window. woman: wait till dad's is dad coming in right now? he won't be gone very long. yeah, when you lifted it up, you could see the bushy tail. this is just ridicu-- oh, there he is! aah! aah! otis, get him! get him, otis, get him! get him! otis! otis! over here! over here! open the door so he'll go out. aah ha ha ha! [ shrieks ] otis. aah! [ laughs ] jeff, something's gonna get broke! something is... jeff, jeff, something's gonna get broke. okay, that's enough. jeff: no, no, i'll catch him. oh! dad's picture. dad's picture. dad's picture. jeff, he'll bite you. don't let him bite. i won't. i'm only in the door, jeff. jeff, he went upstairs now! he's been upstairs before. aah! aah! otis, keep him away from the door! aah! [ laughs ] [ cheers and applause e ] don't go away. we've got recycling tips. when "afv" returns. we are the house when it comes to the big game. yeah. it's his thing. i don't even participate. boom! here it comes! bring it back! bring it home! [ male announcer ] when you combine creamy velveeta with
and tears things up. see her in action, next. >> and these kids think dad surprised them with a video chat overseas. >> but they're about to get a bigger surprise. >> who is that? >> see the surprise turned confusion later. >> watch the kids try to figure out what in the heck is going on. [ male announcer ] steak combos. featured now at sizzler. tri tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp. starting at just $9.99. sizzler. >>> welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at rightthisminute.com. great videos all day long. >> look what i have, everybody. a brand new ipad and we are giving it away to kelly drake in dublin, california. she is one of our winners and she's joining us via skype right this minute along with her twin 6-year-olds. were you so excited to find out that you were one of our winners in our giveaway. >> i was very surprised. we were just starting our friday usual movie night and i laid on the couch checking e-mail and when i saw it come through i went kind of crazy. i showed them the e-mail and let them know that i did win. >> are you goi
for that time. >> thank you for having me. my dad was a monford court marine. he grew up in the jim crow south and didn't know the name of his father was, the man named elder was in his life the longest and none of of which i knew until my dad and i sat down and spoke to each other ten years, i was 15 and had a fight over something relatively inconsequential in retrospect. i'm 25 years old, difficulty sleeping, can't eat i want to tell him, tell him how i felt. i would like to say i thought i could repair the relationship, that wasn't my goal the at all. my goal was to sit down and call me s-o-b and have a five minute conversation and get it move my chest. and he went from being a mean s-o-b, to inspiration during that period of time, over eight hours. i knew things about him i never knew and when i unloaded on him he said quietly after i was done, i was a better father to you than mine was to me. my dad never said a word about his father and i found out about his upbringing in that conversation. >> mike: you want today make contact to get some stuff off your chest. when you sat down with him
into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >> pelley: the united nations said today that 11,000 syrians have fled their country and its civil for what the past 24 hours. this amateur video provides a glimpse of what they're escaping. a market in eastern syria was apparently hit by a mortar. at least 15 people were killed there. syria's dictator, bashar al- adsad, is trying to crush a rebellion that broke out 19 months ago. that jetblue pilot who had a midair meltdown earlier this year was released from federal custody today, but a texas judge ordered clayton osbon not to fly or board an aircraft. back in march, osbon ran through the cabin and ranted about terrorists before being subdued by passengers. in july, he was found not guilty of disrupting a flight crew by .eason of insanity. a bank r
to his neck. >> i had my phone -- god. i called my dad, i was like, "dad, i ain't making it, man, the water's so high right now. i love you." i'm like "i miss you." i'm like "i'm going to try my best to survive but i really don't think it's happening." and i'm screaming "i screwed up, i should have never stayed here, i should have listened to you. i'm sorry, i'm sorry." i'm like "the water's so deep." i'm like "dad, i've got to go." >> when he hung up, i started to cry. i said "it's over, he's not coming back." >> reporter: his dad tony didn't hear from him again for eight hours-- a living hell surpassed only by what his son went through that night. >> this is where the kitchen was. >> reporter: after the house partially collapsed, mike fled the building and was swept away. >> i was way out there. way out there. >> reporter: for marathon three hours he got beaten and battered by waves and debris before washing up alongside an empty house. he went inside. now out of the water but still freezing to death. he sat down by this window and wrote a final letter for his dad. >> i just wa
for that length of time. >> governor, thank you for having me. my dad was a marine, one of the first black marines and grew up in the jim crow south and didn't know who his biological father is, the man elder who was in his life the longest, none of which i knew until we sat down after not having spoken to each other for ten years. i was 15. we had a fight over something relatively inconsequential in retrospect and i didn't talk to him for years and i had difficulty sleeping and, can't eat and i wanted to tell him how i felt and i thought i could repair the relationship and that wasn't my goal, it was to call him an sob and he'd all me a name and we'd have a five minute conversation and instead the conversation lasted 8 hours and he went from being a mean sob to an inspiration and i learned so many things about him i never knew and when i unloaded the things that bothered me, he said i was a better father to you than mine to me. my dad never said a word about his father and i found out about his up bringing in the conversation. >> harris: you wanted to make contact and you had the 8 hour conversat
, kelsey's dad, scott, had to work two jobs. neither of which paid very well, just to keep his head above water. >> very hard-working man. it took two jobs just to take care of our family. >> money trouble aside, theresa seemed to have a happy life as anybody could see, including theresa's mother, reba. >> altl teheresa ever wanted wa to have a husband she cared for, and have a family. >> it was sweet and kind of corny. even after kelsey's two little brothers arrived she could see her parents' affection. >> he would give her a kiss on the cheek and say i love you. >> trunk of her car always a muddle of bats and balls, shuttling kids back and forth. >> there was a time where i had a softball game and hunter and toby had a baseball game all at the same time. she stayed 30 minutes at all of our game. >> watching on the clock to make sure it was all equal, right? >> she was an amazing mother. there was nothing she would not do for myself or my two brothers. >> then there was that sweltering morning, theresa drove off to run errands and didn't come back. kelsey was babysitting the boys, then 8
across the field. i'm sure his dad is very proud. >> i'm loving watching connor do the face-off. lacrosse is something bubba and i just always dreamed of watching our kids play. he really analyzes the game and he plays it well, which is just like his dad. bubba always dreamed of being a dad. that's kind of all he ever wanted to be. when i look at that picture, well, i see a good cadet. he was gone for about ten months and was training the afghani national police. he came home for about two and a half weeks. that was his r and r period. it was awesome. connor had changed so much, so it was really cool to see bubba's reaction to all the new things that connor could do. he really, really, really loved his friends and family. he would do anything for them. even if that meant, you know, pay the ultimate sacrifice. once he was back, he was there for about four days. that's when he was killed by an iud. here, cooper. oh, yeah, kitty cat doesn't want to come inside. cooper, my little one, he's my miracle baby. where is daddy? daddy is in heaven. we wanted so badly to have another baby. are you go
. >> is he going to hit it? dad. >> see the massive close call with a tiny canoe. >> some teens are awe-struck by a blazing fire. that video led police straight to the suspect. >> a lot of men are growing moustaches for november. now, meet a woman who -- >> grew herself a little bit of a beard. >> hear what inspired her to get growing. a climber suddenly -- >> dropped into a free fall. >> why what happens next is jaw dropping. >> no! >> this father-daughter duo, they're watching whales from a canoe. hi, folks. >> what an idea. >> you guys are whale watch, this becomes like whale, whoa, what do we do? >> where 's -- what's going on now? dad, is he going to go right on up? >> look at this. the great thing about this video. not only are these whales incredibly close, this water is incredibly clear. you start the see the size of this thing and you hear daughter behind the camera getting a little nervous. >> it's getting in -- my god, is he going to hit it? dad, is he going to hit us? >> my gosh, she kept asking dad questions and dad wasn't saying anything. you know has no idea either. >> wh
and dad are poor. my dad just lost his job. it's kind of hard for us. monday i tried getting in the shower, and it was cold. i put the hot on all the way and no cold, and it was freezing. it felt like shoving your face in a bunch of snow. it was freezing! the hot water shut off because we didn't pay the bill in time. it was overdue. >> so what's the next bill due? >> electricity. it's going to be $318. we just need to put roger's ass to work. >> yeah. >> when you see the flat-screen tv and the computers and our ps3 and stuff, that's just things we've acquired over the years, stuff that we've had before all this happened, like when we were not this poor. >> sink's broke. i don't know how or why, but it broke. and the cheapest plumber is, like, $65 an hour. i can't even afford $20. >> we lived in a farmhouse. my dad lost his job from picture perfect. he got laid off, and we got kicked out of there. we moved here. it's not very big. we didn't have enough room, so we had to put stuff in storage, and we lost it all because we couldn't pay it. >> how storage works is, like, you put all your stuf
changed my life because my dad was not there any more. >> reporter: she already add rough childhood. >> my dad was an alcoholic, and that affected the family because he lost his job and he was abusive. >> reporter: then this. it was 2006. police say her dad brutally attacked two friends with a machete. he went on the run. her mom had to support four kids alone. >> not having enough to eat, not having a place to live. >> reporter: she was 11. she practically raised her brothers and sisters. she went to school, she worked, she maintained a 3.8 gpa. the children's defense fund will give her a $10,000 scholarship along with nine other winners. the program is called beat the odds, and she is. >> i don't regret, like, having to face those obstacles, because i actually feel lucky that it's made me the person who i am now. >> reporter: and the person she is now is truly inspiring. her dad has been in and out of her life. last year he was deported. >> after winning the scholarship, i changed my way of thinking and found, like, that i can't hate him, because he's my dad, and he's not here, but i sti
with him. i'm a good mother. i'll take care of him. i'm going to help you, okay? kyle: dad, what are we doing here? your driving could have gotten somebody killed this morning, kyle. i know. i'm not sure you do. actions have consequences, son. her name is stephanie vasquez. she was killed in a car accident this morning. i get it, dad. i really do. do you? well, this is your chance to prove it. dr. price. hello. you must be my new intern. dad, what is she talking about? you work here now, son. and she's your boss. see you at lunch. thank you, doctor. (trilling) caine: mr. wagner, we recovered your dna. this is so much more intimidating than i thought it would be. not you. it was on the fishing line you pulled to trigger that trapdoor. which was rigged to hang roger lansing. all right. you ready? i caught it! i caught it! (people screaming) i rigged the door, but it was to hang roger in effigy, not reality. good likeness, too. i had no idea it would be the real... dummy. tripp: you were gonna hang a replica of the victim? it was supposed to be the piece de resistance for the party. a surp
family in las vegas was just about to celebrate another thanksgiving without their dad who was in afghanistan. that is until he surprised them and came home early! >> reporter: it was just another dance practice at bunker dance studio for young riley morse. one last rehearsal until another thanksgiving without her dad who was on a 14-month tour of duty in afghanistan. then the best move of the night! he walked through the door. and the music turned into tugs on the heart strings. [ cheering and applause ] [ crying ] >> reporter: the reunion was multiplied as the other came in the room. the only one in on the surprise was mom. >> military kids take a lot. they don't always get -- they get all the bad, not always the good. just to give them this gift, excitement, hard to pull it off, but it was good. >> it was pretty awesome. he's gone through an awful lot, but the times he's here, it's worth it. >> it would have been special anytime, but just a little more special during the holidays. >> together, safe, and for one little girl, being able to look her father in the eye and wr
. if you would like to help, donate blood from three until 8 tomorrow at perry hall high. >>> moms and dads you could be in -- you could be endangering your child and don't know it. >> nearly half of spoking parents admitted to doing it while -- smoking parents admitted to doing it white kids were present in the car. >> tobacco smoke can contribute to cancers and infection and death in children. third hand smoke a sewage -- is a huge concern. >> when smoking in a car or closed in space, they found there's third hand smokecouldn't which is the residue left -- component which is the residue that can coat the inside of the car and can dangerous for children. it also found out that when you roll down the window partially or completely, that can still be an environment equivalent to a smoky bar. >> massachusetts general hospital researchers interviewed nearly 800 parents who smoked and it turns out 70% of them did not have a smoke free car. >>> stay with us this morning. the price of airline tickets are up especially on one airline. >> the blame is a pilot shortage but why are fewer flying? some
and comer jeb bush jr. says his dad needs to make a run for the white house. >> your dad going to run for president? >> i don't know. no comment. i certainly hope so. >> which is it, i don't know or no comment? >> you said. i don't know. no comment, and i hope so. which are all kind of contradictory. you hope so but -- >> full loaf of bread there. >> word out of florida is jep bush is getting his ducks in a row for 2016. jeb jr. also weighed in on marco rubio, another potential 2016 candidate. earlier this week rubio passed on a question on the age of the earth, calling it one of the great mysteries. not to scientists, they say it's 4.5 billion years old. jeb called rubio's response a head-scratching type of answer. senator rand paul of kentucky is ready to follow in his pop's footsteps and make a run for the top spot, but the 2016 republican field may be missing out on one famous campaign ritual, the iowa straw poll. after 33 years, governor terry branstead said the event outlived its usefulness. that's an understatement. it does not predict success in iowa. just last year, michele b
was freshly famous. it was the hottest night of the year when cheryl got a strange call from her dad jack jesse. >> i was getting ready for bed and it was my dad on the phone. >> what time was this? >> it was 20 after 9:00. >> he was worried about his wife sandra. she was missing. >> what did he think had happened? >> he thought maybe she was in an accident or something. >> she had run to this nearby mall to run an errand but was gone so long. would cheryl please find her, asked her dad. >> burger king, walmart and supposed to be back. >> and when she went back into her dad's house, she found -- >> one of the worst scenes in my life. he was face down in a pool of blood. >> what did you think had happened there? >> i thought he had fallen because he had a gash on the back of his head. i called 911. >> but when she rolled him over, she could see wounds all across his chest. he was stabbed. >> every time i did cpr into him, i could hear bubbling and escaping. then i could feel it on his chest. >> it's not often this town has a murder. >> it was about 10:00 at night i got the call. >> at the
big day for us, beautiful little girl. >> two years younger than my dad, my grandparent's little girl was a prized joy. her sweet soul and girly calm filled their home with warmth. >> she was quiet and gentle, and she had lovely little blond curls. >> at only three, their gentle girl began to change. her energy waned. >> how could you first tell she was getting sick? >> because she was listless and didn't want to do anything, just wanted to rest, go out and watch cars go by. so i called the doctor and said, can i bring robin out, i think she has spring fever. the doctor sort of laughed. we went out, she had a few bruises on her, and the doctor took a blood test and said i'll call you. >> that call led to devastating news. >> she told us that robin had leukemia. what do you do for leukemia? well, you don't do anything. she's going to die. and we said, no, i don't think so. and she said, my advice is take her home, love her, in about two weeks, she'll be gone. >> they decided their love alone wasn't enough and took robin across the country to a hospital willing to try treatment on a chi
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waiting for our dad. it was this mixed feeling where, you know, we've been treated very kindly by the border patrol, but at the same time knowing that they were keeping us from crossing and from being able to have a chance at having our father back in our lives. >> the third time? >> the third time we crossed the border was very scary because my father decided to try it in the dead of night, hoping that the darkness would protect us and help us to cross. and he was right. it was pitch black. we continue see where we were going. we were tripping on rocks and stumbling. what i remember most about the border crossing was the helicopter. and there was a helicopter that came back with a search light. we were running for our lives trying to find a place to hide. we crawled under the bushes. and i remember that the beam of the light fell on my shoe, and i was praying so hard that the people up there in the helicopter hadn't seen me. and luckily they didn't, so we made it across. >> where did you spend the first night? >> well, the first night we knead by the time we made it across the
of the united states. >> i think my dad has always felt like he wanted to be true to his dad's name and legacy. >> a savvy businessman who made a fortune at bain capital and turned around the 2002 winter olympics. >> he has two speeds, asleep or wide awake and fixing things. >> good to see you! he is a mr. fix it. >> a man driven by faith in himself, his family, and his mormon religion. >> you try your very best to know what god might say and of course you look to get correction from the church as well. >> a warm, caring man. >> he was going to do anything he could to just say, i'm here, stay right there and we'll be okay. >> or a cold, calculating politician? >> he's made decisions knowing that this they could resurface, hence, under the glare of a political campaign. >> mitt romney isn't pro-choice, anti-choice. he's multiple choice. >> he changed his position on a broad range of issues for a simple reason, he wanted to run for president of the united states. >> or a true believer. >> i know his core. honesty, integrity, detail, intelligence, conviction to doing the right thing. >> we're goi
. >> i think my dad has always felt like he wanted to be true to his dad's name and legacy. >> a savvy businessman who made a fortune at bain capital and turned around the 2002 winter olympics. >> he has two speeds, asleep or wide awake and fixing things. >> good to see you! he is a mr. fix-it. >> a man driven by faith in himself, his family, and his mormon religion. >> you try your very best to know what god might say and of course you look to get direction from the church as well. >> a warm, caring man. >> he was going to do anything he could to just say, i'm here, stay right there and we'll be okay. >> or a cold, calculating politician? >> he's made decisions knowing that they could resurface 30 years, hence, under the glare of a political campaign. >> mitt romney isn't pro-choice, anti-choice. he's multiple choice. >> a political opportunist -- >> he changed his position on a broad range of issues for a simple reason, he wanted to run for president of the united states. >> or a true believer. >> i know his core. honesty, integrity, decency, intelligence, conviction to doing the rig
that i had lice. and i was so, i was so afraid to go home and tell that to my dad, because i didn't want him to think that i was still the dirty little girl he had left behind in mexico. and i thought he was going to beat me as well. because that was his favorite way of disciplining us. and it turned out that my father was not angry at me, and he didn't blame me, and he didn't beat me. and it was a beautiful moment because he took me out to the yard, and he looked for lice, and he cleaned out my hair and he spend like two hours looking through my hair, looking for lice, and he was so gentle when he did it that it was just like, like such a painfully beautiful moment for me. and then he was telling me stories about when i was a baby, but, of course, i didn't remember, but it was before he came to the u.s., before he left me in mexico, he told me that every time he would come home for lunch during his break i would be waiting outside with a bowl, and i would tell him coming in, to give me a basket and i would like anybody base me except for him. so every day he would come and he would basi
. labels as too extreme and a deadbeat dad. accusing duckworth of focusing more on her life as a disabled veteran. in conceding walsh was somewhat emotional about having to leave congress after just one term. >> respect what happened tonight. it was not an easy phone call for me to make. respect what happened tonight. respect to the democracy the republic that we have. >> today eighth district voters are confident that duckworth will represent them well. >> she does everything that she has to do. she ran a good race. her name was out there ever. ywhere >> the enthusiastic support of obama. she says she is already talking with local leaders about the priorities of this district with a me congressman jesse jackson junior will stay in office, despite staying out of the public eye for several months. he won in a landslide victory over republican challenger brian woodworth and independent marcus lewis. jackson did not make any public appearances last night. but he did release a statement to his supporters, saying. i am humbled and moved by the support shown today. everyday, i think abo
been raised to believe his dad was a monster. not long before we met him, though, ron got a call from a lawyer with the arizona justice project, which works to free innocent inmates. >> he says, there's no other way to tell you think. we think your father's innocent and we're pretty sure your mom framed him for it. >> reporter: at the time of the arrest, the marriage was falling apart. and carol was working at the local sheriff's office, where she had access to the evidence. >> i don't have any doubt anymore. that my mom did this. that my mom framed my dad. >> reporter: did you frame your husband? >> no. absolutely not. >> reporter: back in 2010, we managed to track down ron's mother, carol kempfert, at her home in olympia, washington. >> i didn't just wake up one morning, saying i'll frame my husband today. i'll be happy to take a polygraph. i did not tamper with any evidence. >> reporter: the notion that your son would say that you're capable of acting in such a diabolical fashion is -- it's a damning statement. >> ron -- boy, i don't know if i want to get into this. ron always has
on elections, and after my dad ran you helped my brother run. the same people helping us, being part of the family, working together for the city. i remember some of the crazy things we did growing up in political life. going to i think it's call -- i don't know if it's called the muni lot or parking lot and where the buss are in the morning so we could put a handout on every seat and bus that was there. i remember standing out in front of markets and it was raining and horrible and saying "will you vote for my dad" and milton loved this. he loved this energy and out of most of us and showed in what he ended up doing. all three kids learned at an early age giving to other people was one of the main things we were put on this world to do. our mom and dad taught us that. milton
about my dad not finding me. i forgot to tell him. i just don't like want to know. >> daly city investigators say they worked around the clock to find wren since his father reported him missing on sunday at 9:00 p.m., two days after he was last seen at his school policy to middle school. sergeant michael barton says wren didn't have a cell phone, and the boy told his dad he was going to spend the night at a friend's house over the weekend but ended up going to a different friend's home without telling his father. >> our detectives have been work on stop work lead after lead after lead and what they found was another child that was a friend of his that lived in the same area and they went to that location and found him with his other friend. >> wren promises to never disappear again without telling his father where he's going. >> i will never go outside again. >> in daly city, kron 4 news. >>> new tonight at 11:00 omar ben gentleman min is retierg from his post as executive director to have port of oakland. this comes amidst investigation into the reimbursement practices of some
7/11 store in san jose where this all happened. speaking with the victims dad about his son's final moments and the suspect who is still on the loose. >> reporter: in the final seconds of his life. his dad saw this man and another suspect running towards him wearing a mass and can a mask and a gun. >> the gunman tried to open the door and he couldn't get the door open. he stepped back and shot into the car. that was my understanding from the young man that was with him. rory looked at him and said his name. and then he just died. >> it was all part of a violent crime spree that started with four armed robberies within an hour friday night. one shown here in the surveillance video. >> an officer sat in this patrol car. the officers utility belt shows how a bullet punctured the pepper spray canister causing it to explode. one of the bullets pierced the holster and damaged the magazine. jonathan will banks crashed the car and was arrested. he was bloody after getting hit twice in the gun battle but still struggled with officers. a 20,000-dollar reward to catch the second suspect. >> t
we come back on the broadcast tonight, a tv dad and that trademark sense of humor. >> good night, baby. >> good night, daddy. >> and i didn't even have to buy her dinner. >> tonight here, going home with bill cosby, as he remembers more than just his tv family. he's our "person of the week." >>> and finally tonight here, our "person of the week." long after playing cliff huxtable and his beloved tv family, tonight, bill cosby remembering his real life family and their struggles, saying thank you to the people who helped them. ♪ nicknamed america's dad, dishing out advice coupled with that trademark sense of humor. >> i did it. i'm sorry and i should be punished. >> we know it, we accept and you will be. >> reporter: we all remember that warning from dad. >> i am your father. i brought you in this world, and i'll take you out. >> reporter: the cosby show breaking barriers at the time, reflecting the truth for many african-american families who, up until that point, hadn't seen a celebrated family portrait quite like that one on television. educated, successful, well off. >> brav
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